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Get to know Dan

What's your favourite colour?

I used to be very partial to orange when I was younger but now I see all colours equally

What's your favourite music?

I would class myself as a "hip-hop head" but I also enjoy some indie bands and the greatest boyband of all time The Monkees

What's your favourite tv show/film?

Dr Pimple Popper is a wonderful tv show. Favourite movies are The Castle and Woody Allens Take The Money and Run, he's not cancelled is he?

What's your favourite food?

Chocolate or sweets but if you're talking fruit I'd say a Granny Smith apple

What's your favourite drink?

Cherry Coke is the only thing that makes me think maybe there is a god

What's your biggest fear?

Never meeting Stephen Mulhern before he dies or after he dies too actually

What's your pre-podcast routine?

Large black coffee and getting reminded by Gavin of something I was meant to do

What's been your favourite podcast moment so far?

Anytime I get to see Gavin roll his eyes or hold his head in his hands at something I've said

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