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Get to know Gavin

What's your favourite colour?

I don't know, blue? Maybe pink?

What's your favourite music?

Indie, artists would be Frank Turner, The Cribs, Jeff Buckley and The Bluetones amongst many others

What's your favourite tv show/film?

Too many shows to mention, I like slightly odd films as Dan will probably tell you

What's your favourite food?

A good vegan macaroni cheese, it's not easy to find

What's your favourite drink?

Non-alcoholic its got to be Irn-Bru, alcoholic I like a gin

What's your biggest fear?

I'm afraid of heights, does dying alone count?

What's your pre-podcast routine?

Collect the answers to the weeks question, panic because I've forgotten something and then just hit record

What's been your favourite podcast moment so far?

Just laughing so much when Dan was doing his Nelson Mandela impression, very inappropriate but very funny.

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